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Medically Assisted Addiction Treatment Program Columbus Ohio

In January of 2019, Kimberly Bonta, Director of Ohio Operations, and her staff launched Stepping Stone to Recovery-Ohio (SSTR-

Ohio), an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that offers alcohol and drug rehab for residents of the Columbus area seeking treatment.

SSTR-Ohio was developed to help individuals who are seeking addiction treatment for opioids through medication assisted treatment (MAT). This program addresses the disparity between the growing number of Suboxone prescribers and the lack of quality providers who address the psychological, social and spiritual components necessary to provide long-term recovery from opioid use disorders. Cornerstone of Recovery has long supported the use of Vivitrol, the injectable form of naltrexone, to combat the biological component of the disease of opioid addiction. Now, in conjunction with our collaborative prescribers, we are expanding that support to include a buprenorphine treatment option.MAT Addiction Treatment Columbus OH

Prior to a program such as this, opioid-addicted individuals had limited available drug addiction treatment options that incorporated a holistic approach. While we believe abstinence-based programs are most effective for those who suffer from the disease of addiction, Cornerstone of Recovery — Ohio understands that those with an opioid use disorder may have a hard time staying engaged in recovery due to the extreme cravings related to this disorder. This problem is often complicated by those who don’t have the financial ability to stay in a long-term residential program that provides a more intense and safer environment in which to cope with these cravings.

We are now able to incorporate a variety of interventions that have been researched and found to effectively treat opioid addiction in an intensive outpatient setting. Our hope is that when the biological component of opioid withdrawal and the behavioral health elements (psycho-social-spiritual) are simultaneously addressed, the patient can remain engaged and ultimately create positive change.

Stepping Stone to Recovery — Ohio is a 10-week intensive outpatient program that includes three group sessions per week (for a total of 30 sessions). IOP is held from 9 a.m. to noon on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. In addition to group sessions, the program includes individual counseling sessions throughout the duration of treatment. A variety of therapeutic techniques that have been found to effectively treat opioid addiction are offered in an outpatient setting, including mindfulness techniques specific to substance abuse, values-based living components from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Schema Therapy, education about the nature of the disease model and specific education about navigating 12-step recovery while being prescribed medication.


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What Happens After The 10 Weeks Is Over?

After completion of the IOP addiction treatment program, Columbus-area patients will transition to aftercare meetings held for an hour, once per week. The aftercare component is crucial, Bonta points out, because “research has shown positive outcomes for individuals receiving MAT when they stay engaged in treatment for longer periods of time. In addition to the weekly aftercare meetings, individuals will also be provided individual counseling sessions throughout the length of their aftercare treatment.”

We believe that the more active individuals are in their alcoholism and addiction treatment programs, and the longer they remain involved in some form of aftercare, the better their chances are to live a life of recovery. We want patients to know that we also offer a high-quality Intensive Outpatient Program to those who are collaboratively seeking medication management elsewhere. The goal is to provide these patients with the benefits of a mental health program.

Anti-craving medications are only one portion of a patient’s addiction treatment. Medication alone only fights the cravings; it doesn’t heal the brain. Addiction is a brain disorder, and without the mental health treatment component, the individual never fully heals.

We firmly believe that opening our program to all patients who seek recovery is beneficial for both the patients themselves and the communities in which they live.  MAT has its place in the recovery process, but it must be partnered with mental health treatment. This is the gap that Stepping Stone to Recovery — Ohio wishes to fill.

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