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Helpful Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of An IOP Alcohol or Drug Addiction Treatment Program


You’ve taken the first step: admitting that you’re powerless over your drug and alcohol use, and that those things have made your life unmanageable. You need help, you’ve determined, and to get it, you’ve enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program at Cornerstone of Recovery Ohio.

So what can you do to prepare yourself to get the most benefit out of your IOP experience? Several things, actually – starting with putting the bat down and stop beating yourself up. Sometimes, getting wrapped up in thinking about “why” we’ve developed an addiction only serves to muddy the waters and cloud the most important question: What are you going to do about it?

If you’re ready to move forward and embrace the opportunity at long-lasting recovery that IOP provides, then you’re ready to take the next step: to walk through the door with an open mind.

Approach Sobriety With An Open Mind

Far too often, patients come to IOP with preconceived ideas of what treatment will entail, and those misconceptions can be detrimental to an individual’s recovery. By putting expectations on what IOP will or won’t involve, you’re already planning for the program’s success or failure, and you’re robbing yourself of the opportunities to better your life while in the middle of the process. Reining in the expectations you have isn’t easy; no doubt, you have dozens of questions, and if you’re new to the recovery process, you may not fully understand how the tools we offer can help you put your disease into remission and lead you toward a fulfilling, peaceful future. Being open-minded doesn’t mean ignoring or not asking those questions; it simply means finding the willingness within your to embrace new ideas, concepts and tools outside of your comfort zone. As long as you come to IOP knowing that you don’t have all of the answers to your problems, and that you might be able to learn some if you’re properly educated, the potential for individual growth is virtually unlimited.

Honesty With Yourself & Others Will Help Give You Some Of The Keys To Recovery

Another tool that will help you take full advantage of your IOP experience is thinking of treatment for your addiction or alcoholism as an opportunity practice rigorous honesty. That may seem painful or uncomfortable, given that dishonesty has been a survival mechanism for so long while drinking and using. Honesty, however, is one of the core spiritual principles of 12-Step recovery, and to right our spiritual ships, we must begin to hold ourselves accountable for speaking the truth in all areas of our lives. It’s not something that will occur overnight, especially when we’ve been dishonest with others, ourselves or both for so long, but we see that those who enroll in IOP treatment with a desire to decrease the amount of dishonesty in their lives are able to gain some of the benefits IOP has to offer.  Honesty is a crucial part of recovery, and IOP allows an individual to practice honesty in a small group of people who share a common goal of establishing and maintaining recovery, which translates well into the recovery community through meetings and the development of interpersonal relationships.

You've Come This Far So Don't Let Your Willingness Diminish

Finally, the third spiritual principle that can help you take full advantage of your IOP experience is willingness. If you think about it, you’ve already exhibited willingness simply by searching for treatment options and making those initial phone calls to schedule an assessment and admission. You’re aware on some level already that in order to do something about you’re problem, you’ve got to find it within yourself to commit to something different, and while you may not want to take part in IOP, you’ve discovered that doing so is the only logical recourse you have given how much your quality of life has deteriorated. In other words, despite any hesitations you may have, you’re willing to do something different, because everything else you’ve tried up until this point hasn’t been very successful. As you continue with each phase of the treatment process, you continue to demonstrate willingness, a practice that, in turn, will increase the chances of positive outcomes during your IOP stay. A little bit of willingness goes a long way in treatment, because it can provide the necessary motivation to continue through difficult times experienced in early recovery.

If you have any experience with 12 Step recovery at all, you may recognize these three core principles: honesty, open-mindedness and willingness. They’re a focal point of the early recovery process, and you’ll hear them talked about in meetings and in treatment, for good reason: Practicing these three spiritual principles can give patients a solid foundation as they begin IOP treatment, which will continue to solidify as they gain more practice with and experiences within recovery.

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